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How we work

"It is our mission to complete your search in accordance with personal wishes. Hoping that you find at least as much happiness in Spain as we found in Spain."

Why J&Geerts Real Estate?

  • Engagement, directly from management
  • Technical and legal guidance from A to Z
  • Continuous dialogue throughout the buying process

Personal meeting

Every situation is different. Which property is ultimately the most suitable depends entirely on your central objective.
Are you seeking pleasure through a second residence?
Do you want to escape Belgium and completely relocate?
Do you prefer to earn returns through an investment asset?

Let us meet in person to build on from a proper foundation.


Financial Analysis

An important topic to discuss before traveling to Spain is the financial side of things.
Together we go over what avenues are available. If a loan is necessary, we zoom in on the most fiscally advantageous track.


Reconnaissance trip

It’s so far! We sought out suitable projects for you, now we still need to schedule appointments with the relevant builders.
Typically, you get the greatest efficiency from a three-day sightseeing trip.
We will help you book flight, accommodation and transportation to make you feel comfortable.


Yes, found.

From arrival at the airport, you have only one mission: to meet your dream home.
Transportation will be arranged by J&Geerts Real Estate. That way, you will be able to explore the different regions and properties at your leisure. Along the way, feel free to ask any question that comes to mind.
If you are positively surprised by a “wow” feeling, feel free to signal it to us. Following your sincere interest, we defend your interests.


Legal guidance

Our real work starts the moment you sign. From here we ensure the appropriate composition of the project team. We join hands with experienced lawyers and notaries.
Maintaining your financial and legal protection throughout the purchase process is central to this.


Project follow-up

On a regular basis, we study the interim progress of the site on site. You will be kept informed through photos and videos. This allows you to follow the current status of your project from your seat.


Furniture needed?

To ensure that your second residence or your investment property is immediately available upon arrival after the deed is signed, we obviously need to take a moment to consider the furnishing of the property.

If the constructor does not offer a matching furniture package, we will coordinate the delivery and installation of the desired furniture. For each region, we know the appropriate interior experts for this purpose. So the picture is complete when you arrive!


Keys to your future

Provisional delivery is also being carried out by J&Geerts Real Estate.
When completion points are noted, the structural engineer still has the opportunity to resolve them during the agreed period.

Shortly after this inspection, the final delivery takes place. This moment usually coincides with the notarization. Signing the deed can be done either by you or by the authorized attorney (via power of attorney).


After care

We would rather have one phone call too many than too few, as our goal is for you to get launched in Spain as soon as possible. Are you looking for any of the following services? It can be done.

  • rental management
  • cleaning service
  • pool and/or garden maintenance
  • keyholding