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Together towards your dream home

In Spain.

When buying a property, there is always a feeling that you need to overcome on the spot.
A pre-planned reconnaissance trip is therefore highly recommended. We work to your specific criteria and administratively arrange all preparations regarding flights, lodging and transportation.



Once you have arrived at the airport in Spain, we will pick you up and start the mission.
We will visit the pre-selected properties, at the same time you will get to know the pleasant spots and enjoy the Spanish sun and lifestyle.   

After a spirited day, we drive to the hotel. Along the way, we use the time usefully as a feedback moment to discuss whether we are “in the right direction.”

In the evening, you can rest easy and hold internal discussions within the family circle.



On the next business day, we are back on standby to link a clear consequence to Day 1.
We are looking at the properties already planned and also visiting additional properties based on the feedback provided by you yesterday.
If there are already certain preferences for specific properties, there is ample time to zoom in on the local lifestyle of bars, restaurants, beach, and so on.



The final day is usually entirely devoted to a revisit or concrete discussion with attorney and notary so that the next steps can be studied together.
Your questions about local regulations are addressed in a very detailed manner. Any power of attorney can already be perfectly signed to increase your comfort in the administrative handling of your case in the coming months.

Depending on the completion date of your project, as well as the time left to us during the scouting trip, a few more furniture stores may be visited for inspiration.

Afterwards, we will take you safely to the airport and blow you out there, awaiting your next visit in Spain.