About us


About us

J&Geerts is the real estate broker with expertly selected properties

In Spain.

J&Geerts Real Estate specializes in the total relief of foreign buyers in finding their home in Spain.
We assist you before, during and after the purchase of your ideal new home and always communicate in your native language. You can count on us 24/7.



for every opportunity

Graduated in 2012 from Kenya. Her professional focus is on communication, care and aftercare. English was her mother tongue; Dutch holds few secrets for her because of years of thorough language training.

Grateful, Jinet looks at the opportunities life has already given her. Hearing from her family today, she knows better than anyone what sacrifices are sometimes required to enjoy quality of life.
That’s why she loves working with people from her heart in full confidence.
Empathetically, she listens to everyone’s’ unique story or preconceived goal so she can do her part to make people happy. At J&Geerts Real Estate, she has an eye for detail and aspires that everyone can soon feel pleasantly at home in Spain.


Couple the useful

to the pleasant

Graduated in 2011 from Charlemagne High School. Since then always been active in the Belgian construction sector, responsible for the technical follow-up of the projects taken on.

Because of the sudden death of his father, Yannick systematically developed the philosophy of life to pair the useful with the pleasant in life. In short: doing what you love to do on a daily basis.
For many years he nurtured a love of the Spanish language, culture and nature. Thanks to the purchase of his own new home in Spain, after 10 years the real passion emerged….
Protecting people in their roadmap in realizing their Spanish dream.


Meticulous linguist

with empathy and real estate expertise.

Graduated in 2015 from KU Leuven as Master in Applied Linguistics/Language Arts Spanish/French/Dutch, because of this Tatjana has excellent communication skills. This is invaluable, especially in understanding the needs of clients in the real estate market.
Her experience at a leading law firm within the construction division, has taught her an assertive approach. This is useful when negotiating and managing legal aspects of real estate transactions.

Tatjana’s ability to maintain silence and focus in our office environment allows her to be task-oriented and pay attention to even the smallest and most complex details in legal files.

Her love for animals is unique. At the same time, her fellow humans are even more important to her, this results in empathy and caring.

Tatjana is a valuable asset to our team, our clients are ever grateful to her.